No. Points are only awarded for wine purchases including Champagne or Sparkling wines.

1 point for every dollar spent on wine purchases (rounded to the nearest dollar) for any wine product or 10 points for every dollar spent on wine products represented by Trialto.

Several ways but at first, we admit it might be confusing. Almost all Trialto products will have the words “imported by or distributed by Trialto Wine Group” on the back label. We encourage you to visit our website at www.Trialto.com and check out the catalogue for the Province where you live for a full listing of our products. For a quick look at our most popular products, click here. Along the way, we will help you identify Trialto products once we know what shops you frequent. We will let you know what Trialto products are in the stores where you normally shop.

No.   You can collect points by buying wine from any retail shop in BC, AB, SK and MB.   We will not accept receipts from stores outside these four Provinces. For example if you live in BC and are travelling to Alberta and you make a wine purchase there, your receipt is eligible for rewards. On the other hand if you purchase wine in Washington State, your purchase is not eligible.

When purchasing a Trialto product, you receive 10 points for every dollar spent.   The cash value equates to approximately 1% of the amount of your purchase.   This is in line with most other loyalty or rebate programs.   

No but it is a good idea to keep them for a week or so or at least until you receive confirmation from us that we have processed your receipt and awarded you your points. Some receipt images may be very hard to read and we may have to reach out to you to ensure that you receive the points that you are entitled to.

Download our App. Hover your phone over the receipt and snap the picture. That’s all there is to it.

iOs App

Android App

Another method is to email your receipt to receipts@trialtorewards.ca.

Yes. Two persons sharing the same address may combine their points.

No.   A receipt can only be processed once.   We have security systems in place to detect abuse or fraud.

No.   We will not sell or license our data to any third party. The benefit of this program is strictly for Trialto Wine Group and our Reward Club Members.

For a full description of our Privacy Policy, CLICK HERE

Yes.   Receipts can only be submitted in the current month and the month prior.   For example, for a purchase made any time in January, you have until February 28th to submit this receipt for collecting points.


Would you like a little more information or do you have a question?   Please contact our Trialto Rewards Club team at support@trialtorewards.com or call us at 778.938.1026